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Why Crystal Clear Air

At Crystal Clear Air, we are committed to excellence. 
We provide only the purest air to our customers with the utmost care and dedication while paying attention to the finest of details. 

Harvesting Air
Testing the Air Quality
Special Cans
Filling the Cans
Swarovski Adorned Cans
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While all our cans are recyclable, they are also so beautifully embedded with original Swarovski® crystals – you may just want to keep them. 

With these beautiful crystals, our specialized cans get a more luxurious look and feel. 

The value of the air packed in them is greatly enhanced due to their exceptionally beautiful look. 


These Swarovski® crystals - one of the most precious products of the Austrian alpine mountain region, are a great souvenir!


This makes them perfect to be gifted to your loved ones.

It will depict your love and regard for them not only because of the fresh air a CRYSTAL CLEAR AIR bottle contains but because of its remarkable look as well.

The process of filling our cans is extremely important.  
Therefore, we have availed ourselves of the services of one of the largest European specialized companies created   for this purpose. 

Located in Switzerland, this company fills millions of cans yearly under the highest Swiss and international standards (ISO 9001 GMP, etc.).

When the air is collected, it is first sent to a special air laboratory for testing purpose.

Only when a 100% positive response of air pureness is received - the fresh air will be packed in the top-quality, German made, cans and is ready to be dispatched to our customers.

  • The cans that we use are not only beautiful but also extremely practical.

  • They are made of especially strong material that allows us to fill much more air (50%!) into the can.

  • That is why we can provide you with more than 9 liters of fresh air in a more compact can!

  • This makes it easier for you to carry around (and show off) the beautiful cans of pure bliss.

  • This way we save nature by doing minimal wastage and ensuring to keep our environment as safe as possible

  • This way we give you much more value for your money (More air – for less money!)

We use cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery for this purpose.

  • The machinery we use is made in Germany while the entire process is conducted by specialists and technicians who have the highest of knowledge about this particular process and specialize in gas, air and compression techniques.

  • A computer constantly evaluates the air quality and monitors the Air collection!

  • We use the most high-end, made in Germany, compressors that are available in the market.

  • Our product is backed by long and comprehensive research conducted by our specialized scientists.


This process was developed to provide our customers with a complete and satisfactory product that fulfills our promise of making healthy, pure air available.

  • For this purpose, special air dryers and numerous filters are connected to the air collecting compressors to ensure our customers receive only the PUREST alpine air.

  • Our cans contain only clean, pure air.

  • We NEVER use added color, flavor, smells or scent.

  • NO propellants (like hydrocarbons or compressed gases) NO chlorofluorocarbons (CFC´s).

Breathing this fresh air will give you a feeling of being on a vacation far away from the city.

crystal clear air bottle and box
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