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Who Benefits from Crystal Clear Air

CrystalClearAir was founded by a team of physicians, aware of the health concerns caused by breathing polluted air.

This is why we have come up with this unique product that can add an element of freshness and purity to people’s life.

As a specialist in high-risk pregnancies and maternal-fetal medicine, Prof. Daniel Kamil definitely knows the importance of clean fresh air.

winter in the alps

A young child needs many things for healthy growth and development.

One of the most important of these things is the consumption of clean and healthy air.


Fresh clean air improves a child’s growth and development, making them able to perform all functions much better.

It might even spare them from lung infections and diseases.

So, make sure to give your children fresh air to breathe in.

Studies show that the human brain memorizes and functions much better when provided with enough oxygen.

In the environment we live in, finding clean air for the students can be tough, because of the growing levels of pollution in the air.


However, students might enhance their focus and productivity by getting themselves the opportunity to breath fresh Crystal Clear Air.

There are so many of us who do not enjoy the luxury to work in the comfort of offices.


If you spend hours driving your car or truck, if you work long shifts in a factory or when you teach children how to read and write…


You NEED fresh air!


When your body is undergoing so much stress and you have very little exposure to the fresh air outside - Crystal Clear Air will take care of you.

Having a new life growing inside of a woman is a beautiful, yet highly complicated process.


There are so many things that can harm your baby.  Due to these concerns, doctors advise women to change their lifestyle to ensure the health and safety of the baby they carry in their womb.


In addition to that, they are also required to pay attention to certain other aspects that include stop smoking and try to breath clean air, which, unfortunately, is not quite easy for many, as the air we breathe is immensely polluted in most parts of the world.


This is where Crystal Clear Air comes in handy for pregnant women.


Also while you breastfeed your baby, try to make sure that you breath only pure and healthy air.

As we grow older, we become much more sensitive to the pollutants we breathe.

This makes the elderly more prone to catching lung infections, complications like bronchial hypersensitivity and many other diseases.

Our bodies require extra care and attention compared to a young person.


The best gift you can give to them is to make fresh air from the Austrian alpine mountains available for them in form of Crystal Clear Air cans.


So, give your elderly loved one the gift of fresh, clean Alpine air by introducing them to Crystal Clear Air

Pregnante & Lactating Women
The Elderly
Young Children
Workers & Laborers
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