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About Us

The goal of Crystal Clear Air is to provide our customers with 100% pure air, all the way from Austria’s Alpine mountains that are known worldwide for their freshness and purity of air.


The company is dedicated to accomplishing its mission to improve the lifestyle of the people by providing them with 100% fresh and healthy mountain air. 


Founded in 2018 by Dr. Daniel Kamil, CrystalClearAir OG provides our customers with the most precious natural resource that exists - FRESH AIR

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Kamil MD

We use state of the art equipment and the latest technological tools to collect this pure resource and pack it into high-quality German made, and Swarovski® crystal-laden cans.


Nowadays, breathing the air free of any sort of harmful pollutants has become almost a dream. However, this dream can now become a reality when you purchase Crystal Clear Air cans. 

No matter where you live, you can experience the freshness and tranquility of this soothing air by having it delivered to your doorsteps. 


And for those who live in the world’s most polluted cities, you can get this pure air from us and feel the noticeable difference in the quality of air. 


The air we provide is collected and delivered to you by the best team of professional doctors and under their supervision. 

The air is then canned under the highest and strictest safety standards to make sure we stick to our mission to provide you with the best quality air there is. 


Our entire process is captured on video for you to see as well.

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